SOVEREIGNTY - Value Chain Dependencies

Serving European Private companies and investors in the new international trade environment.

Whaydon services focus on "industrial sovereignty", defined as a reduction in foreign dependencies for production, re-industrialization at the national level rather than externalized production, and a European vision for ecologic transition. We have developed  a unique matrix of the dependencies and fragilities of our clients' value chain, through a triple lens ( competitors, consumers, public policies). This allows to suggest the best tailored solutions to reduce solutions throughout your value chain.

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Industrial Sovereignty Strategy Development

Whaydon specializes in helping industrial companies achieve and enhance their industrial sovereignty. We recognize the importance of reducing foreign dependencies for production, fostering re-industrialization at the national level, and embracing a European vision for ecological transition. Leveraging our deep expertise in industrial ecosystems, we employ a unique matrix of dependencies and fragilities to analyze client value chains. By assessing key factors such as competitors, consumers, and public policies, we provide tailored solutions to reduce vulnerabilities and dependencies throughout the value chain. Our strategic guidance empowers clients to strengthen their industrial sovereignty, drive sustainable growth, and thrive in a competitive landscape.


Ecological Transition and Sustainability Integration

We understand the imperative for industrial companies to embrace ecological transition and integrate sustainability practices into their operations. Our consulting services focus on developing customized strategies to help clients transition towards more environmentally responsible practices. We assess the environmental impact of their value chains and provide recommendations for optimizing resource usage, implementing circular economy principles, adopting clean technologies, and meeting regulatory requirements. By aligning industrial processes with ecological and sustainable practices, Whaydon helps clients achieve their environmental goals while enhancing their market positioning and resilience.


Value Chain Optimization and Reshoring Strategies

We assist industrial companies in optimizing their value chains and developing reshoring strategies aligned with the principles of industrial sovereignty. By conducting a thorough analysis of the value chain, we identify opportunities to reduce external dependencies and bring critical production processes back to the national level. Our comprehensive approach considers factors such as supplier relationships, logistics, technology integration, and cost-efficiency. Through our expertise in reshoring initiatives, we guide clients in strategically reshaping their value chains, increasing control over production, and enhancing their overall competitiveness.


Public Policy Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

  1. To support our clients’ industrial sovereignty and ecological transition objectives, we offer expertise in public policy advocacy and stakeholder engagement. Whaydon helps you navigate the complex landscape of regulations, government incentives, and funding opportunities related to industrial and environmental policies. Our team engages with policymakers, industry associations, and stakeholders to shape favorable policies, promote sustainable industrial practices, and secure support for clients’ strategic initiatives. By fostering collaborative relationships and leveraging our network, we empower clients to actively influence public policies and drive positive change within their respective industries.


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