BITD - Industry and Defense

BITD: The collective infrastructure, capabilities, and resources that support the defense sector. A wide range of industries and organizations involved in the design, production, maintenance, and support of defense-related goods and services.

Supporting your company & Investment Funds in the Industrial and Tech Base for Defense


Defense Industry Financing Solutions

Whaydon specializes in providing access to finance solutions tailored specifically for industries operating within or working with the defense sector. We understand the unique financing challenges faced by these industries, including the need for loans and equity investments to support their growth and innovation. Through our extensive network of financial institutions and investors with an interest in the defense sector, we help clients secure the necessary funding to fuel their strategic initiatives, R&D projects, and expansion plans.


Supply Chain Optimization to reduce dependencies

In the defense industry, secure access to critical inputs and raw materials is crucial for sustained operations. Whaydon helps defense industry companies identify and optimize their supply chains, ensuring reliable access to critical inputs. We conduct thorough analyses to assess vulnerabilities, dependencies, and potential risks within the supply chain. By developing strategic sourcing strategies, fostering supplier relationships, and exploring alternative sources, we assist our clients in reducing supply chain risks, enhancing resilience, and ensuring continuity of operations.


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Integration

We recognize the increasing importance of ESG considerations within the defense industry and related sectors. There are many challenges to integrate ESG practices into the core operations of defense industry companies and resistance from external stakeholders. From assessing and enhancing environmental sustainability initiatives to promoting social responsibility and strengthening governance frameworks, we help our clients align with global ESG standards. We look for taxonomy constraints and opportunities in Europe. We design Sovereignty indicators for investment funds.


SME Ecosystem Value Chain Reinforcement

We understand the importance of a robust and resilient defense industry ecosystem, which includes SMEs playing a vital role in the value chain. Whaydon focuses on reinforcing the SME ecosystem within the defense sector by providing support in areas such as capacity building, collaboration facilitation, and strategic partnerships. We work closely with defense industry companies to identify opportunities for SME engagement, foster innovation, and promote knowledge exchange. By strengthening the SME ecosystem, we help our clients unlock new avenues for growth, innovation, and competitiveness.

"BITD emphasizes the importance of strategic autonomy, self-reliance, and sovereignty in defense-related matters. It encompasses the ability to develop, produce, and maintain essential defense capabilities within national borders, reducing dependence on foreign sources and ensuring the country's ability to defend its interests independently.

Furthermore, as shown by the increasing cooperations in Europe to support Ukraine, BITD often involves collaborations and partnerships between government entities, defense industry companies, research institutions, and academia. These collaborations aim to foster innovation, technological advancements, and knowledge sharing, enabling the development of cutting-edge defense capabilities.

Overall, the industrial and defense base, or BITD, represents the interconnected ecosystem of organizations, capabilities, and resources that contribute to the defense sector's functioning and the national security objectives of a country, with a particular focus on strategic autonomy and self-reliance in the French and EU context."

Julien Serre


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